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poolife MPT Extra System Startup Kit

$147.96 $129.99
Our poolifeMPT Extra Complete Start Up Kit includes the following:
  • 11 lbs poolifeMPT Extra tablets
  • 32 oz poolife Defend+ algaecide
  • 5lbs poolife TurboShock
  • 50 Insta-TEST POOL 4 Plus Test Strips
Enjoy a straightforward and hassle-free spring pool opening with swimming pool start up chemical kits from Supreme Spa & Pool in Lincoln, NE. Our poolife MPT Extra System Complete Start Up Kit contains all the pool startup chemicals that you will need in one convenient package. Best of all, our swimming pool chemical kits take the guesswork out of preparing your pool for the swimming season. Download the poolife Systems Brochure.

Natures Pure Energizer

Shocking the pool just got easier with Natures Pure Energizer Tablets. Using the measuring cup included in every bucket to fill your skimmer basket will replenish the reserve bank of chlorine protection keeping you from adding more enzyme or shock to your pool water. Recommended to use once a week. Available Size: 20 lbs

Natures Pure Re-Energizer

Natures Pure Re-Energizer is a great additive to any pool system as a multipurpose product. Natures Pure Re-Energizer reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the water, which helps restrict the growth of algae in your water. Using Re-Energizer as part of your weekly pool treatment will help improve the sanitizer's efficiency. Re-energizer reduces skin and eye irritations. When partnered with the Nature's Pure Purifier, it maintains the necessary level of Total Dissolved Solids. It helps to soften the feel of your pool water, as well as maintaining clear, sparkling water.

poolife MPT Extra 3″ Chlorinating Tablets

These unique MPT Extra 3" chlorinating tablets were developed using all-in-one technology to sanitize, prevent algae, control staining and scaling and clarify and soften pool water. These proprietary tablets are sun protected for extended chlorine life and can be used in floaters, feeders or skimmers. Useful Tips
  • When using MPT Extra 3" chlorinating tablets, shock treat at least once a week with poolife TurboShock shock treatment.
  • Prevent green, black and yellow algae with poolife Defend+ algaecide added weekly.
  • Use your poolife 6-Way Test Strips to test the chlorine and pH levels at least twice a week.

poolife TurboShock Shock Treatment

TurboShock is the strongest shock treatment available to treat your pool. With 78% available chlorine, poolife TurboShock works fast to combat algae and bacteria. It dissolves more quickly and completely and keeps pool water sparkling clean and clear with less work.

Useful Tips

  • Shock treat at least once a week.
  • For best results always ensure pH is correct before shock treating your pool.
  • Good for all pool surfaces.
  • No need to pre-dissolve.
  • Click here to watch the poolife TurboShock shock treatment video.

poolife Defend+ Algaecide

poolife Defend+ is a non-foaming algaecide that not only treats and prevents green, black and yellow algae, but also clarifies your pool water. This powerful formulation can be used for the prevention of future algae growth and the treatment of visible algae. Useful Tips: Ideal for treating green, black and yellow algae. Shake well before measuring out the required amount of product. Use as step 3 within the poolife Brite Stix System and the poolife MPT Extra System. Click here to watch the poolife Defend+ algaecide video.

Insta-TEST Pool 4 Plus

Free Chlorine, Alkalinity, pH, Cyanuric Acid The Insta-TEST POOL 4 Plus pool & spa strip measures Free Chlorine 0-10 ppm, Total Alkalinity 0-240 ppm, pH 6.2-9.0, and Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer) 0-250 ppm. This test strip is a dip-n-read strip with instant results. The Insta-TEST POOL 4 Plus strip is ideal pool strip allowing the user to measure the most important test factors. The test strips are packaged in a waterproof PopTop bottle with a molded desiccant liner, which protects the strips from moisture and UV light.

Maintain Alkalinity Increaser

Eliminates "pH bounce," which is an assortment of pH fluctuations caused by disproportionate quantities of any added chemicals, especially low alkalinity levels. Raises the total alkalinity. Tests the total alkalinity of the water and keeps it within the proper range of 125-150 ppm. Helps prevent equipment and spa surface corrosion and damage, Available Size: 5 lbs

Maintain Calcium Hardness Increaser

Water needs calcium hardness. If your levels are too low, a small addition of Calcium Hardness Increaser brings the levels up safely while not clouding the water. When levels are ideal, you will prolong the life of your pool or spa.
  • Prevents water from becoming corrosive and damaging your pool's plumbing and heater
  • Helps maintain calcium hardness levels between 150-300 ppm
  • Stops staining and etching of pool surfaces caused by low hardness levels

Maintain pH Decreaser

pH Decreaser balancer lowers the pH of swimming pool water and helps lower the ph level in your swimming pool. Low ph can cause scale and eye and skin irritation and discomfort. pH levels should be maintained in the range of 7.2-7.6 ppm.

Maintain Super Pool Water Clarifier

Our Super Concentrated Swimming Pool Clarifier is an extra-strength Pool water clarifier that clears extremely cloudy pool water caused by poor filtration, dust, pollen, dead algae or chemical residue. Our pool water clarifier is designed to coagulate and floc suspended solids form swimming pool water. The solids will be filtered out of the pool. Compatible with all pool chemicals systems such as Baquacil, Salt, chlorine and Pristine Blue chemical systems.

Muriatic Acid


Champion Packaging offers the highest quality of water white Muriatic Acid. Champion’s Muriatic Acid is NSF 60 certified for water treatment.

Available Size: 1 gallon

poolife Flocculant

Flocculant eliminates water haze and cloudy water in swimming pools. Can be used as either a pool flocculant or as a filter aid, depending upon the severity of the cloudiness. Useful Tips:
  • If the pool is cloudy and the bottom is visible, follow the directions for use as a filter aid.
  • If the pool is cloudy and the bottom is not visible, follow the directions for use as a flocculant (filter must be able to vacuum to waste).

Poolife Gold Medal Clarifier

Gold Medal Clarifier clears and brightens cloudy water by coagulating suspended micro-size particles of dirt and other organic contaminants into masses large enough to be removed by the filter. Its unique color changing technology turns it from gold to blue to indicate that it's working.

Useful Tips

  • Highly concentrated formula - 1 fl. oz. treats 6,000 gallons!
  • Clears cloudy water fast and prevents future hazy appearance
  • Regular use of Gold Medal Clarifier will help the filtration of dirt and contaminants
  • Compatible with all sanitizers including bromine, chlorine, salt water, ozone, minerals and biguanide
AVAILABLE SIZE: 32 fl. oz.

Poolife Intensive Stain Prevention

Intensive Stain Prevention provides protection against scale, stains and rust caused by minerals in the water, such as iron, copper, nickel, manganese, silicon and zinc. Concentrated and stable in water at high temperatures.

Useful Tips

  • Can be used at initial pool fill, for preventative maintenance, and for existing metals treatment.
  • Follow label directions for your specific treatment dosage and procedure.
AVAILABLE SIZE: 32 fl. oz.

poolife pH Plus

Poolife pH Plus raises the ph level in your swimming pool. Avoid eye and skin irritation and discomfort by maintaining a ph level of 7.2-7.6 ppm.

A long-time favorite of loyal pool owners everywhere, this system makes use of the traditional tablet-based approach to sanitizing. These distinctive blue-speckled tablets produce crystal clear results plus the “extra” additive in the name also means soft water in your pool!

Download the poolife® Systems Brochure.