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Astral CTX 1.5 HP Single Speed Pool Pump

The AstralPool CTX pump has been designed to comfortably meet the needs and pressures required by your swimming pool and spa equipment. Made from high quality materials and components the CTX is designed to produce greater efficiency and reduce noise levels. Suitable for in-floor cleaning systems, spa jets and other demanding applications the CTX will provide a high performance and reliability.
  • Incorporates a large lint pot requiring less maintenance
  • Connects with the Genus controller system
  • Reduced operating noise
  • Made from quality components

Astral P280 1.5 HP Variable Speed Pool Pump

Supreme Spa & Pool's Viron P280 Variable Speed Pool Pump provides whisper quiet operation while helping to save up to $580 per year on operating cost and cuts up to 1 tonne of Co2 emissions. It features a variable flow rate to suit the function of the pool and is a direct replacement for any AstralPool / Hurlcon CX, TX or CTX pump. Savings Calculator The Viron P280 Vari Speed Pump is designed to save you time and money while helping the environment. This advanced three speed pump adapts to the task at hand while other pumps run at full speed all the time this reflects in decreased operating costs by up to $580 per year, less Co2 emissions in the environment and a reduced noise level. Download Brochure Download Manual

Champion 56-Frame Single Speed Pool Pump

The Champion High Performance Pump is compatible with all cleaning systems, various filters and in-ground hot tubs. The Champion Pumps is self-priming, quiet and highly efficient. Champion Pumps use true 56-frame motors that run cooler and last longer than smaller motors. The leaf trap basket is easy to get to with the twist off cam-lock lid and the basket is large and can hold a lot of debris. The Champion Pump is recommended for both new installations or as a replacement for existing pumps. Waterway designs, engineers and produce the Champion pump in the USA using only the highest grade and UL approved materials
  • One-Piece Strainer Pot Made of High-Temp Thermoplastic to Increase Strength and Reduce Noise
  • Comes complete with two swivel union assemblies great for precise alignment and plumbing versatility!
  • True 56-Frame Motor for Cooler Running and Longer Life
  • Adjustable Base Included: Adapts when Replacing and Plumbing Many Pumps in the Field
  • 2-Part Lid Assembly For Improved Access and Serviceability!

Power Defender 1.65 HP 230V Variable Speed Pool Pump

The Power Defender 1.65 HP is Waterway's premium, high-efficient variable speed pump that includes a fully integrated motor, controller, and interface. Power Defender VS 1.65 uses Century's V-green motor. This allows users to easily identify and set the appropriate speeds to minimize energy consumption and maximize savings. The Power Defender 1.65 is also compatible with third party pool automation systems, like Hayward or Pentair. Supreme Spa & Pool's Power Defender 165 Variable Speed Pump is compliant with all energy regulations such as Title 20 and 24. The 7-day timer, freeze protection, and quiet operation is standard on the Power Defender 165. Features
  • Full Variable Speed (600-3450 RPM)
  • User-friendly programming
  • Optional off-board mounting of controls
  • Ability to install and program additional load (booster pump, chlorine generator etc.)
  • 2" Swivel Pump unions included
  • Compliant with all energy legislation
  • Built-in freeze protection
  • Keypad Lockout Feature
  • 2 Slip x 1 FPT Unions (included)
  • Adjustable Base (included)
  • Easy replacement for most brand pumps

SMF 115/230V Single Speed Pool Pump

Waterway's SMF Pump is ideal for replacing or retrofitting your current pump. It brings high performance and lower flow rates at an affordable price. It's one-piece pot and volute design reduces noise and vibration. It is also equipped with two swivel union pieces, making it versatile and a smooth installation. Features
  • Quiet operation
  • 2 Unionized (Intake/Discharge)
  • Silicone carbide seals
  • Lower flow rates for more versatile installations
  • Comes complete with 2 swivel union assemblies