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Natures Pure Energizer


Natures Pure Re-Energizer


poolife 3″ Cleaning Tablets Stabilized Chlorinator


Maintain 3″ Chlorine Tablets


poolife TurboShock Shock Treatment


poolife Defend+ Algaecide


Insta-TEST Pool 4 Plus


Maintain Alkalinity Increaser


Maintain Calcium Hardness Increaser


Maintain pH Decreaser


Maintain Super Pool Water Clarifier


Muriatic Acid


poolife Flocculant


Poolife Gold Medal Clarifier


Poolife Intensive Stain Prevention


poolife pH Plus


Supreme Spa & Pool’s Chlorine 3″ Pool Care System include all the products you need to ensure sparking-clean water all summer long. Chlorine is available in three forms: tablets, liquid, gas and granular. Through a chemical reaction, chlorine oxidizes contaminants in the water. Chlorine acts as a residual sanitizer so it can effectively sanitize the pool long after it’s been added to the water.