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15’/16′ Majestic Winter Pool Cover


18′ Majestic Winter Pool Cover


21′ Majestic Winter Pool Cover


24′ Majestic Winter Pool Cover


27′-28′ Majestic Winter Pool Cover


30′ Majestic Winter Pool Cover




Kraken Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner


1.25″ Forge Vacuum Hose – 27′ Length


1.25″ Forge Vacuum Hose – 36′ Length


12″ Brush Around 360


18″ Brush Around 360 Brush


18″ Dark Blue Pool Cleaning Brush


18″ Metal Back Pool Brush


18″ Plastic Pool Brush


Beyond fun and safety, pool accessories such as safety pool covers for your in-ground pool can be used all year long to protect wandering children and pets while keeping your pool clean of leaves, twigs and bugs. A solar blanket is a great idea to warm up your pool and extend your day of swimming later into the evening. They also extend your open season in the spring and fall. Additionally, Supreme Spa & Pool carries a wide variety of solar cover reel for both above ground and in-ground pools that make using your solar blanket easier and keep it from wearing out sooner.

Whether you’re making your pool more accessible, more fun or more beautiful, the right pool accessories play an important role. Rely on Supreme Spa & Pool to deliver the pool accessories you need and want at prices you’ll love.