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Baqua Spa Alkalinity Up


Baqua Spa pH Up


Baqua Spa Scum Shield


Baqua Spa Surface Cleaner


Leisure Time Leak Seal 1QT


Natures Pure Multi-Purpose Cleaner


Natures Pure Spa Minerals


Natures Pure Spa Purge


Pristine Mist


Sirona Bromine Granular 2 lb


Sirona Bromine Tabs 2.2lb


Sirona Calcium Booster


Sirona Defend


Sirona Foam Out


Sirona Metal Control


The move into hot tub ownership is an exciting time. You’ve picked the best hot tub for you, decided on the perfect location, and are now ready to jump in and relax. However, there is one thing that may still be on your mind as you embark on your spa ownership experience: hot tub chemistry.

In fact, “How hard is it to take care of a hot tub?” is one of the first questions many people ask. Learning how to manage the chemistry in your hot tub is not overwhelming and anyone can do it. The basic factors that go into maintaining and balancing your spa water are alkalinity, pH levels, sanitizers, and shock treatments. While you may or may not have any interest in chemistry, in order to maintain clean water that is ready to use at any time you do need to know a couple of simple basics about these things. Don’t worry, you don’t need a lab coat, it’s really easy.