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Chlor NoMore Orb

Stop paying the high prices for Chlorine. Save money by using Chlor NoMore. Reduce the usage of expensive chlorine with the "Once-a-Season" chlorine alternative. Place the Chlor NoMore Ionizing Orb in your pool's skimmer basket. ChlorNoMore continues to work all season long in your pool.
  1. Reduce cost of maintaining your pool.
  2. Reduce chlorine usage up to 80%.
  3. Eliminates fading of liner and clothes.
  4. Increases comfort of pool water.
  5. Clean
  6. Simple
The Chlor NoMore Ionizing Orb is placed into your pool's skimmer basket. Chlor NoMore's chemistry dissolves and passes into the pool water. Ionizing Grids within the Chlor NoMore Orb continue to release algaecide Copper ions into the pool water all season long.

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