Eco Therm Heat Pumps

Maximize the enjoyment of your swimming pool investment by heating your pool with an Eco Therm heat pump.

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When a body of water has to be heated, a heat pump is the most cost effective and reliable option for
most applications. There are limitations to heat pumps, but overall, the difference in traditional heating choices
and Eco Therm Heat Pumps included the following key points.

Why is Eco Therm better than other Heat Pumps?
– Oldest and Largest Swimming Pool Heat Pump Manufacturer in the United States.
– On Board diagnostics: allows easier operation, maintenance, and diagnostics of the system, with display
shown in easy to understand Digital format.
• Low Pressure, High Pressure, Low Flow fault warnings
• Operator controlled Lock Out code.
• Digital Thermostat, Accurate to < 1°F.
• Indicator lights for Pool/Spa Mode and Heating/Cooling Mode.
– Patented Themolink Heat Exchanger Design: Counter flow of hot gas refrigerant to pool/spa water
ensures efficient transfer of heat. All the water passing through the heat pump touches heat from the heat
exchange coil. For seasonal pools, a front mounted Winterizing Drain Plug is provided.
– Super Quiet Option: operates at 55 dB, quietest unit in the industry.
• All Units now have the Ice Breaker Option: Heats or Cools any body of water.
• Automatic reversing valve controls ice buildup on the evaporator coil to ensure a wider range of
operations in cold air temperatures.
• HEAT mode – Heats the water
• Cold mode – Cools the water
•ACHE mode – Automatically Heats or Cools the water, based on a specific temperature settings.
– Geothermal/Water Source: Takes advantage of Cooling Towers, Wells Larger Volume Pools, Ponds, Lakes,
etc., as the Source Side and operates Year Round.
– Low Flow Operation: Efficient heat exchanger allows for lower flow operation with multi-speed and variable
frequency drive pumps.
• 30-70 gpm for air source and water source (pool/spa side) heat pumps.
• 10-40 gpm for source side on water source heat pumps (depending on model)
– Operating Cost Estimator: Web based calculator can be accessed online and provides an estimated cost of
operation and comparison, when Gas and Electric costs are known. Must be adjusted to tiered pricing electrical