Pool liners, whether for your in-ground pool or above ground pool, is the single most aesthetic and important piece and to your pool. Whenever you or someone else looks at your pool, your liner is going to be the focus.

Therefore, it’s important to think about the look you want for your swimming pool. There are so many different colors and patterns on pool liners that it can be hard to choose the ideal one, but pool liners (especially in in-ground pools) are difficult to change. Expensive, too.

Always get a pool liner that is going to fit right, and get a pool liner that is the proper gauge, or thickness. A thicker gauge pool liner has more durability, is less likely to puncture, better hides pool floor unevenness and has a longer life span. Pools that have a lot of swimmers throughout the year or sit in the blistering sun and then brutal cold, probably should have a thicker gauge liner such as a 28 gauge for an in-ground pool liners or our thickest 30 gauge for above ground liners.

Supreme Spa & Pool carries all types of pool liners, and you can order the perfect one for you online or on the phone. Customer service representatives will always help in getting you the right pool liner, and ship it to you fast.