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Pool Opening Agreement

Sweeping, removal and folding of the pool cover. (If applicable)

For Auto Covers:

  1. We will hose down and remove any debris when opening.
  2. In ground pools will need to be filled to proper level for cover opening prior to technician (Additional Charges may occur if not properly filled)
  3. Any water that is on the cover will need to be removed prior to Technicians Pumps for water removal can be purchased in store. (Additional charges may occur if water is not removed)
  4. Technician DOES NOT vacuum.

Following the removal of the cover, Supreme Spa & Pool will remove the plugs used for the winter months and replace them with the pool’s original directional nozzles. 

All skimmer baskets, pump baskets and handrails will be re-installed into place.

  1. Anything that was stored during the winter months needs to be accessible and in clear sight for install at time of appointment.

Equipment relating to proper pool functions that were removed during winter months such as, Pump, filter, Jet nozzles, will be re-installed. Steps will be customers responsibility.

The filter equipment will be restarted and checked for leaks.


  1. Heaters will be turned on and set to last known setting.
  2. Gas will need to be turned on or accessible (if applicable)

Additional services or items can be purchased before or after Pool Opening

  1. Nozzles
  2. Gaskets
  3. New Cartridge for filters

Technician is not responsible for adding of chemicals. Chemicals can be purchased prior to appointment and our technician will deliver at time of appointment

Additional Charges Apply for the following:

  1. Pool not properly filled.
  2. 1 hour of labor at $95.00 per hour will be added if pool needs to be filled or drained at time of service.
  3. Excess water on cover.
  4. 1 hour of labor at $95.00 per hour will be added if cover has excess amount of water that prevents the technician from properly retracting pool cover.

The services and additional charges have been read, agreed to and acknowledged by the Customer on: September 28, 2021.

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