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Above Ground Pool Closing Package

Above Ground Pool Closing will consist of winterizing & removing both Skimmer(s) and Return Jet(s) hoses, Sand Filter Valve, drain water from filter(s) and pump(s) and remove all removable ladders.

Included with Above-Ground Pool Closings:

  • (1) 24,000 gallon winterizing chemical kit
  • (1) Swimming Pool Grade Antifreeze (typical use is 1 gallon for the filter)

Return Jet Plugs & Skimmer Wizzmo:

*To ensure a tight seal throughout the winter SSP uses a rubber stopper jet return plug and a threaded cap per return jet fitting.

Draining Pool:

If your pool is built or designed not to be drained and has an Aquador Skimmer Plug, please remind your SSP Rep. at the time of scheduling your pool closing.

Pool Covers (if applicable):

  • Installation of a Customers Supplied Winter Cover (winch & cable style) is NO CHARGE.
    (Pools with Decks: By Quote, Pictures Required Prior to Scheduling Service)
  • Installation of a Mesh Safety cover is an additional $100 fee.
  • Installation of a Tarp Style cover and water tubes is an additional $200 fee.


  1. Draining of Pool $95/hour per SSP employee.
  2. Additional Services not listed above are invoiced at $95/ hour per SSP employee on site.
  3. Additional Antifreeze, Plug(s), Skimmer Wizmmo(s).

The services and additional charges have been read, agreed and acknowledged by the customer, also authorize Supreme Spa & Pool to charge card on file upon completion of work.

The services and additional charges have been read, agreed to and acknowledged by the Customer on: July 20, 2024

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