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Lincoln is experiencing unprecedented demand for spas and hot tubs. Our portable spas sell quickly and our website is updated multiple times a day to reflect current inventory. Buy online now to ensure you can start enjoying your new spa or hut tub from Supreme Spa & Pool this weekend.


InnovaSpa Storm

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Innovaspa Fantom

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Innovaspa Stream

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Plug & Play

Plug & Play spa. It is equipped with a 120V, GFCI-protected, 15′ electrical power cord for immediate and simple connection to your power source. No electrician required.

No Hassle Installation

  • No site preparation required
  • Sits on any solid, level surface
  • No electrician required (120V)

Air Control Buttons

Dual on/off air control buttons enable you to easily set your jet action. You can enjoy your massage with or without an air mix. It also makes it simple to stop the air before you replace your cover.

Waterfall Serenity

If you enjoy the soothing sound of cascading water, then this will certainly add to your relaxation experience. It features an adjustable waterfall with the brilliance of LED backlighting. You can set the speed at which the water falls. You can choose your favorite light pattern and then just settle back and enjoy the serenity.

Ambiance In Lighting

To enhance your in spa experience, the Stream has a multi colored, LED main light, inner perimeter LED lighting and an LED-backlit waterfall. To enhance your surroundings, external sconce LED lighting located on each corner of the spa. The lights can be set to stay at one color or you can enjoy one of many different color change patterns.


Light enough to be lifted by 2-4 people and it can be transported on a small trailer or in the back of a full-sized pick-up truck. Goodbye delivery fees. Your Stream also includes a short, Quick Start-Up Guide that makes place it, fill it, and plug it in as easy as 1-2-3. Goodbye set up fees. And remember, you have full factory support.

100% Serviceability

As with any appliance, you will eventually need repairs. 100% access to your equipment and your plumbing is critical if your repair costs are going to be reasonable. Engineered with serviceability in mind. It has full length removeable access panels on each side of the spa and the Thermofoil insulation is removeable and reusable. Expensive repair bills will not be an issue.

Jet Therapy

Adjustable stainless steel jets. The jet pattern in each seat is different to enable you to alter the focus of your massage. You can also enjoy the soothing relaxation provided by the neck jets and the foot jets.

Recognized Components

Equipped with plumbing components and electrical equipment that is manufactured by the leaders in our industry. Names like Balboa, CMP, LX, and Rising Dragon. These components are not only reliable, but they are readily available from multiple sources for service and replacement.

All Season Insulation

Extremely well insulated with Thermofoil covering the inner cabinet walls, floor to top rail. Thermofoil is reflective and it creates a heat corral, trapping heat underneath the spa. Your plumbing stays warm and cozy, and your water stays hot. If you need to do a repair, the insulation can be pulled back for access and it is easily put back in place.


Equipped with Innovaflow to help you save money. Innovaflow is an inline plumbing configuration that weighs in on an old and proven principle. When you create friction, you also create heat. Innovaflow creates friction in the water lines. This generates heat and helps reduce the cost of operating your conventional heater. Saving money is always good.


One piece, rotationally molded spa made from virgin polyethylene. The spa bottom will not rot, and it is sealed from rodents. Polyethylene will not hold bacteria and it is virtually indestructible. It won’t crack or chip in cold weather, nor can it get waterlogged. Your spa could last forever.